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  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy  [ Dolores Cannon method QHHT] 

– This therapy results in rapid healing. Depends on your specific nees within three hours of a healing session you can get the answers to your questions, get to know the mission of life and/or change their habits/addictions. The session is recorded on mp3, the and you receive a copy via email after the session. Work is undertaken in a somnabulistic trance. To each session, you can bring a list of questions and a summary description of your illness symptoms.


– a very simple and effective way of improving mental and physical health. However, it is only a tool and its effectiveness depends on the knowledge and awareness of hypnotherapist. Hypnosis in combination with other methods gives amazing results. The session concludes the session and the induction of the client into a state of trance “tunes” the brain to the Alpha/Theta frequency. Our brain naturally reaches these states at least twice a day, sleeping and reawakening and in moments of creativity, thoughtfulness, etc. In this state, we get access to the resources of the subconscious mind where we find the original cause of the problems. We do not use post-hypnotic suggestion. Throughout the process the client remains conscious and will recollect the entire session

Regresive Hypnosis

-this allows access to past lives and/or family memories. After entering into a hypnotic trance, the client experiences a variety of events from previous eras as a man and a woman. They meet their loved ones as the other person and see situations which existed between them and which have a direct impact on the state of their current life. This gives you a deeper understanding of the process of personal life. A person begins to understand why they were born into that family, what conditions and what limitations they experienced during their childhood and what needs to be changed in their life to complete the process. It could potentially start a feeling of satisfaction and joy of existence. Throughout the process the client remains conscious and will recollect the entire session

 Recall Healing / Total Biology

– this method allows the identification of the source of the disease. In the process the most important treatment is total ”deprogramming” and making the brain “belief” that it has to send back the appropriate impulses to the body. It is just to take care of the psyche, because most diseases are caused by strong stress which leaves our body trace in the form of suppressed or displaced emotions. The brain then reverts to “safe program” mode – it is like a fuse box: if the voltage is too high it will lead to a short circuit. The disease is not our enemy but our ally. If an organ is unwell it’s a sign that our psyche is the conflict. In such cases you should examine yourself “from the inside”, paying attention to what you feel and you are experiencing. If we understand the schema and realize which event was the programming one, in our sub-conscious that program is deleted and the psycho-somatic symptoms subside

Karmic diagnostics

-this is a purification process of subconscious records in order to discover and liberate the hidden emotional blockages that, regardless of our will, decide the quality of our lives. It helps in the release of many negative programmes created by subconscious aggression, anger, contempt, regret and the resentment of love.  It gives you a chance to end subliminal  addictions like;  being the best, always being right, infallibility, idealizing, the need for recognition, material wealth, sex, parents, children, spirituality and faith and many, many others.


-this gives an understanding of how the nature of existence over many millennia has created ways to deal with the traumas and stresses of everyday life in order to survive. Regardless of the environment and civilization our bodies and psyche are pursuing the survival programme produced at the start of ages. Understanding these matters automatically entering our subconscious mind and manifesting as a variety of ailments and when this knowledge is combined with events and emotions it frees us from the subconscious programmes and their effects on the physical plan.


-This is very simple, fast and effective way of finding  diseases and conditions inherited from unknown ancestors. On the basis of family tree analysis we can identify our inheritance group (about 30% of ancestors and relatives both in a direct line and branch line). There are shared experiences, illnesses, unresolved conflicts. We look for the ancestoral trauma which is the source of the problem. Finding this original cause  allows us to pull it out from our subconscious and transfer it to the level of consciousness, hence reducing or deleting the problem what manifests itself in the body and/or the psyche.


SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)

– This is the process of testing the subconscious and soul records in order to discover and liberate the hidden barriers to our health, happiness and spiritual development. In SRT we pinpoint the blocks to energy and we purify them. Deleted blocks and negative patterns unlock the subconscious mind and soul records (Akasha). In this way a person controlled by   unharmonious beliefs and desires is freed and can live in accordance with their greatest spiritual potential. When the programme is cleaned the entire nieharmonic energy is removed. What remains is only the knowledge and wisdom gained through experience. This gives a person the ability to achieve their goals and plans.


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– this is a process of diagnosis, cleaning and refilling an energy, in short correcting disorders in the human information- energetic fields (aura). There are seven basic auric layers which are influential in physical and emotional health. The physical body and the information-energetic field influence each other constantly and interact, penetrating each other. Strong emotions, traumas cause an energy disruption in an aura and manifest themselves in the form of psychosomatic diseases in the human body. All somatic and mental diseases are reflected and seen in a human aura. The bioenergotherapist locates the problem and make adjustments by removing energy blockages which, when used in conjunction with finding the causes of the disturbances at the level of the information-energetic field, allows you to return to full health.

New German Medicine

-created by Dr Hamer, a doctor of medical science, new German science is based on a combination of experienced conflicts and feelings associated with the symptoms of disease in the body. 

The Journey 

-This leads us straight to the original cause of each long-term problem and provides us with the tools and techniques needed to fully and finally resolve it. This process gives incredibly deep and lasting results. Chronic pain, anxiety, disease, depression and sexual problem disappear. Problems with self-esteem, grief, anger or addiction are solved and purified and the body begins to heal.

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