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– this method allows the identification of the source of the disease. In the process the most important treatment is total ”deprogramming” and making the brain “belief” that it has to send back the appropriate impulses to the body. It is just to take care of the psyche, because most diseases are caused by strong stress which leaves our body trace in the form of suppressed or displaced emotions. The brain then reverts to “safe program” mode – it is like a fuse box: if the voltage is too high it will lead to a short circuit. The disease is not our enemy but our ally. If an organ is unwell it’s a sign that our psyche is the conflict. In such cases you should examine yourself “from the inside”, paying attention to what you feel and you are experiencing. If we understand the schema and realize which event was the programming one, in our sub-conscious that program is deleted and the psycho-somatic symptoms subside

Gilbert Renaud – method creator about Recall Healing 

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Recall Healing® provides a frame work in order to help and guide an ill person to identify the emotional trauma behind his condition; but also to help anyone who wishes to work preventively to optimize his health. This Recall Healing® modality considers a human being as a „triad”: psyche, automatic brain and body. A disease/behavior is quite often the automatic brain’s response to a stress that occurred in the person’s life. The Recall Healing® specialist helps the client to „recall”. When the client understands „why” he is ill this is already a big part of the healing process. And then, with the help of his health care professional, he completes his healing.” [Source:]


Gilbert Renaud, PhD has been working as a Consultant in, Recall Healing/Total Biology and in Biological Deprogramming in Vancouver for over 11 years. He has thirty years of experience as a professional in the field of holistic health. Today he meets with clients and he organizes workshops & lectures to help you to understand the benefit of this concept, mainly in Vancouver (Canada), USA and Europe.  He got his college degree in Montreal (1974), became Massage Therapist (1981), Naturopath in Quebec (1988) ONQ, got a PhD accreditation in 2007.

In 1993, by an unusual coincidence, Gilbert began to study the principles of emotional traumas causing physical disease through Dr. Robert Guinée. He studied the symbolism of illnesses, the part of the body that is affected and the corresponding parts of the brain.

He began his training with Bertrand Lemieux in 1982 and then he worked with him for several years at the Visa Health Centre as Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Wellness Consultant and as a teacher at the School of Naturopathy of the Upper Laurentians in Mont-Laurier, Qc. Canada.

Gilbert Renaud then retrained with Claude Sabbah (Total Biology) and then with Gérard Athias (Biopsychogenealogy and Biology of physiology) with whom he pursued his training by participating in various advanced level courses and specialization seminars that are held each year.    

Gilbert Renaud has integrated the synthesis of his studies, life and work experiences and sessions with his clients…under the name Recall Healing which is a great body of knowledge.  Recall Healing is far from being a panacea but when well applied it contributes powerfully to the healing process.”